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The National Alsatian Shepalute Club


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The Alsatian Shepalute is a large companion dog selectively bred out of the working and herding dog breeds that were recognized as pure of breed by the registry clubs around the world.  The Alsatian Shepalutes' pedigrees may be traced back to the very first dogs recognized with those registry clubs.
The breeds that went into the making of this new breed were used only for a particular character that would enhance the Alsatian Shepalute towards its own completely distinctive identity.  Only certain chosen pups were selected to continue in the breeding that exhibited the desired traits of a family companion dog.  No hyper-ness, whining, or barking traits were bred. 
Selective breeding such as this begins to form a different character than that of the dogs that were used in the beginning of the breeding program. The desired character and physical makeup of the Alsatian Shepalute can be experienced in the Standards of the Breed. 

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