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Dire Wolf Guardians

presented by DireWolf Dogs of Vallecito


Vallecito Alsatians, LLC began in 2009, doing business as DireWolf Dogs.  For years, Vallecito Alsatians, LLC was solely a Dire Wolf Project breeding facility, producing exceptional American Alsatians for family companionship.  In 2013, however, it became evident that many potential American Alsatian owners needed more than just a pretty face.  Those with disabilities found that they could not obtain an American Alsatian because an overwhelming number of assistance dog training facilities would not train dogs coming directly from breeders.  As a result, DireWolf Dogs sought a way that would ultimately be most beneficial to those neediest individuals in our community.  A training facility was then set up in order to be able to assess and train the most talented American Alsatians hand-selected to become assistance dogs for the disabled who could not afford to acquire a Dire Wolf Guardian dog on their own.  Dire Wolf Guardians was thus formed to provide a means to be able to train assistance and therapy dogs, as well as continue to support American Alsatian owners with quality training techniques and advice best suited for this unique large breed family companion dog. 

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